Selecting the right paint involves more than picking a color!

If your dream home needs a makeover, choose the right partner, i.e. right paint.

Though, a lot of factors like budget, choice of colors and purpose for painting are critical to take the decision. Besides, the conditions of existing surface & the type of finish, your personality is a key factor for choosing right paint.

There are two ways to define quality when it comes to paint. Every painting expert will tell you to buy quality (meaning good) paint.

Quality paint provides better coverage, truer color, and requires less work to apply. But the word “quality” appears on almost every can of paint in the store, and labels don't really help define what makes a good paint.

Generally, the more you pay, the better-quality paint you get. But there's another quality consideration as well. What do you need to do the job? People paint for different reasons.

A family with kids who like to draw on the walls needs paint that is durable, washable & scrubbable. A short-term renter is looking for low cost.

A contractor wants a paint that is inexpensive and hides well. A decorator is looking for intensity and range of color. Let the people at your paint shops help you decide what level of quality is right for you.

Jewell is such a kind of paint that ensures the best quality with its right kind of materials, superior technology and undisputed mark of quality.