Whether this space is formal or casual, a separate room or connected to
the kitchen or dining area, your living room should be a place that is warm
and inviting, where friends and family can gather to relax and enjoy each
other's company.


Geared primarily towards productivity,
these areas should be well organized with lots of storage space.
Most of all, your home office should be a place where you enjoy spending time.
Whether this space is located in an open loft or den, at a sunny kitchen table,
or in its own separate room, fill it with your favorite colors, to create a space
that you'll enjoy working in for years to come.other's company.


The setting for family meals, special occasions,
and holiday gatherings, your dining room should be
supremely comfortable and inviting. While it may range
in style from quaint and cozy, to stately and ornate,
plan to create the perfect space for entertaining-and
lingering-whether over a romantic candlelit dinner for
two, or a festive family event.


A private retreat where you can relax,
unwind and get away from the pressures
of the world outside.

As the first and last place you see each day,
this space should both revitalize and
soothe-refreshing you each morning,
yet inspiring tranquil dreams each night.

Bath Room

Whether you're planning a cozy space for guests,
or a luxurious master suite for your own use,
remember that the bathroom is a place for
relaxing in privacy and comfort.

Aim to create a serene, restful environment that
pleases the senses. A place where you can escape
from the world for a few moments each day,
and emerge refreshed, recharged and renewed.


Once seen mainly as a room used for food preparation,
today's kitchen is viewed as the activity center of the
entire home. It's a place where the whole family lives
and interacts, where kids do homework and friends are
entertained, a fun, sociable space that's usually the
most popular room in the house.