Craving to provide globally recognized painting solutions for your homes, that doesn’t harm the environment, our planet in any manner.

OZELL COONER has forged ahead to grab best painting solutions around the world that best suits the Indian climatic conditions and its Indian customers; perfectly blending International expertise with Indian heartedness. Since the founding, Ozell Cooner has been unique and distinguished for quality and innovation in the paint industry. The organization has been always associated with high quality paint products, and has been up with latest emerging technologies and raw materials, hence delivers the top-of-the line paint products to its customers.

Ozell Cooner brand “JEWELL” won recognition for its superior performance, when a leading consumer testing organization called it the “best performing latex paint in the market today.”

In this era of modernization, Ozell Cooner craves to deliver world’s best quality paint products to its customers that worth the penny spent on them.

Contemporarily, other companies try to misguide the populace by spending a huge budget on advertising and thereby creating a demand of their products. These companies charge a nice price for their products simply as to cover their advertising cost and in lieu of it supply product whose value is not worth it.

At Ozell Cooner we are second to none and our policy and thoughts outmatches others.

So our MOTTO remains to deliver world’s best paint which doesn’t harm our environment and our fellow beings, at the best affordable price. Ozell Cooner products are formulated and manufactured not only keeping the safety of its end users in mind, but also for the safety of its employees, the drivers that transport the merchandise and for the well being of the people that live in the surrounding areas of the plant.