(1) Preservation - This is one of the most important reasons for painting, unfortunately a lot of people leave there out side painting until its too late.

Paint is designed to protect your interior and exterior surfaces from the elements, a well maintained house will look great and the over all maintenance expensive will be less.

(2) Sanitation - Over time most places will get dirty and look unclean specially kitchens and toilets, you can imagine how dirty some of these places would get.

Paint can only be washed so many times before the coating is worn down, at this stage it’s harder to wash and can retain bacteria. So it’s important to maintain a healthy environment by regularly cleaning areas like this and repainting when they need to be.

(3) Decoration - This is the most popular reason for painting, most of the time people will repaint a room because they don't like the existing color. This is also the fun part, changing the look of a room or house by painting it a different color.

(4) Identification - I almost forgot about this one. It’s more so for commercial and industrial premises as they need to color code all gas, water and electrical lines for quick identification.